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About Us
TLC was conceived from a deep sense of community spirit and a personal experience from its founder.  Estelle McNally was a migrant from the Philippines who has benefited from Australia’s rich cultural diversity and equal opportunity for advancement for everyone.  In return, she has always engaged in businesses that she hopes will help the local community in particular and the country in general.

estelle tlc independent living australiaIn the last ten years, Estelle has been deeply involved in the care of her ageing mother, now 92 years old, who lives in a senior housing facility in Vallejo, California, USA.  In her semi-annual visits to her mother, she gained a much deeper perspective and understanding of the support structure that is required for the elderly – especially those that want to continue living independently, in their homes, with the least bit of assistance from anyone.  Despite being wheelchair bound, her mother refuses to move to an assisted senior facility.  Having raised eight children, she prides herself in doing her own personal grooming and toileting functions.  She accepts help only when it comes to household chores such as house cleaning, laundering, and light cooking, and, someone to accompany her to do her outdoor chores, including visits to the doctors.  Thus, the concept of providing quality care in an “in-home” environment became a driving passion for the founder and led to the birth of TLC Independent Living Pty Ltd.

TLC pledges to support the community with compassionate, professional and highly-skilled care and enable the elderly, people with disability and those with special needs, the chance to live in as normal life as possible – in the privacy of their own homes.