TLC Independent Living

TLC Independent Living is a compassionate and supportive NDIS provider that focuses on promoting strength and resilience in participants with disabilities. The staff is dedicated to upholding dignity and making a difference in their lives.

Office hours

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (excluding public holidays)


In-home and Long-Term Accommodation Support

TLC offers in-home and long-term accommodation support in Berwick, such as Respite Care and supported independent living, integrating participants into community activities and providing focused care opportunities for skill development and independence. The facilities are homely and comfortable, with round-the-clock care and daily activities to enhance independence.

Vision / Goal / Mission

TLC provides a much-needed break for family carer, ensuring that their loved ones continue to receive top-quality care. Our dedicated professionals step in to offer personalised support during these respite periods.


Our VISION is to empower our clients living with disabilities with the tools they need to reach their full potential and attain their aspirations in life.


Our GOAL is to enable individuals with disabilities to lead independent lives, offering exceptional care and unwavering support not only to the individuals themselves but also to their families.


Our MISSION is to foster an inclusive society where everyone, including those with disabilities, can access equal opportunities, transcending the need for labels. We firmly believe in the unique potential of each individual to make a positive impact on the world.

A Warm Welcome and Respectful Transition to Care.

Our Tender Loving Care starts from our warm welcome and respectful transition to care. You will be met with our caring staff who hold diverse background and vast experience in disability needs. Their dedication and professional training will be evident in their daily commitment to promote strength and resilience in our participants, always with the desire and goal to uphold the dignity of our participants and make a genuine difference in their lives.


The aspirations of TLC include becoming a leading NDIS provider of supportive and transformative care, where every phase and dimension of our participants’ lives are maintained with confidence, respect, becoming an outstanding and sustainable provider, engaging with families, community, our partners, staff, volunteers, and government and health services compliance.

Accomodation Support

Our offer of in-home and long-term accommodation support provides a solution to those with unique and individual needs, integrating our participants in community interaction by guiding them in events, gatherings, activities, and projects suitable for them. For those who prefer a quieter lifestyle, our one and one focus shine through the concentrated care opportunities for skill development and independence.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are homely, comfortable and promote a sense of relaxed living where round the clock care ensures a protective, supportive, and reassuring attention. Daily activities that include bathing, dressing, cleaning, and meals preparation are aimed at being an enjoyable experience, to ensure participants can enhance their independence and autonomy. On occasions, personal counselling and spiritual nurturing are offered when needed or requested by our participants or their families.

Our TLC Care team bonds with our participants in their joy when they shine through – one day at a time! 


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